- Sir Adrian -
- The Gray Ghost

Name: Adrian
    - Thistlemourn
    - Hollywreath
Birthday: November 1
    - Parents, deceased
    - Foster parents:
    Reverie and Isabella
    (maiden name: Hollywreath)
    - Thief
    - Nobleman/Alchemist
    - Soldier
    - Assistant

"...For that gentle wish, I am prepared to do whatever it takes."


n a frozen town located in the far north, where the snow
barely ever ceased to fall, there lived a lad with hair
as cold and gray as the wintery clouds covering the sky
above him.
His name was Adrian.

t the age of seven, the young boy received scarlet scarf
from his dear parents. Although the garment was originally
meant to be worn by an adult and the size did not match a
child like him, he treasured it greatly along with the words
You are an adult now, which burned with pride in the
boy's frosty heart.

Little did he know that shortly after this a time would
come when his parents would no longer be by his side.

  Orphaned, little Adrian did his best to survive on the
  streets for the following two years, stealing food only
  when he was in uttermost need of warmth and at the
  brink of starvation, and somehow he managed to stay
  awake during the freezing nights. He refused to turn
  to the church for help, since he knew that there would
  always be those who needed the bread and shelter it
  offered more than him. Albeit never being asked,
  he tried to help out in the village whenever he
  noticed that something was amiss or an accident was
  about to happen, but instead of being praised as a
  saviour, he would always end up taking the blame for
  the incidents. Because of this, he soon got a
  reputation for spreading misfortune. Adrian the
, Keep your eyes out for the notorious
  white raven
, He's nothing but bad luck.

It was on one of these occasions that he happened
upon the golden Lady Isabella Hollywreath. Adrian, being
chased by the townsfolk, had taken refuge in a large open
hall by a sparkling fountain (its jets of water had since
long turned into a dazzling cascade of ice), trying to hide
himself in a flower wagon. A festival was soon to be held
and there were several empty carts lined up in the area.
Isabella, who came by to tend to the frail flowers,
discovered the frightened boy (who probably seemed
more like a scared dog than anything else), and, after
having listened to his explanation, promised that she
would keep quiet and tell no one about him.
But only if he would be so kind and return the next day,
she said. Adrian had no choice but to obey.
The beautiful young lady and the orphan swiftly became
friends, and the boy would secretly come by almost every
day to listen to her stories (while nibbling on her
home-made cookies). The golden-haired woman was soon
to marry the noble Reverie Thistlemourn, the pride of the town.
The Thistlemourn family had had a large influence over
the town ever since long ago, but these days only
Reverie remained. Ever so often, Isabella would get
so caught up in praising her future husband that even
a young boy like Adrian could easily see just how much
she loved him.

During the much anticipated winter festival, Adrian managed
to get his first glimpse of Isabella's beloved Reverie,
a tall, charismatic, young man with hair so blindingly
white that Adrian had no choice but to avert his eyes.
For some reason, he felt uneasy...a feeling that
would eventually be replaced by a deep hatred.

ot long after this, the marriage was held and following
it, Adrian was asked by Isabella to come and live with the
couple as their son. Even though she had kept her promise
and held her meetings with the young boy a secret from even
her husband-to-be until after they were wed, he had
immediately agreed to her request as soon as she told him
about the boy.

Adrian, having been adopted into the Thistlemourn family,
was given a proper education and was now able to spend
most of his days surrounded by books, or freely taking
a stroll while studying the town's ancient history, something
he enjoyed to the fullest. He also proved to have an
impressive talent for alchemy and created many astonishing
inventions. Yet, to Adrian, his "mother" (as she insisted
that he call her) was a far better teacher than the renowned
scholars and artists who were brought to the Thistlemourn
castle to help with his education. She taught him many things,
especially about flowers and plants (knowledge he would
come to treasure even more one day) in her ever so gentle
and delightful way.
Reverie was mostly busy with his duties and business,
which had him travel far and wide, leaving him with
little time to spend at home. Adrian would occasionally
accompany him on his journeys, but even so he never felt
that he got along very well with his foster father.
Reverie, on the other hand, was exceptionally proud of his son,
and no one would have guessed that they were not related by blood
had they seen them together (in spite of Adrian being only about
a dozen years younger than his foster parents).

  The becoming young man was no longer mistrusted, but
  loved and admired by the townspeople (not to mention the
  other noblemen...and their daughters), but living a life
  of luxury was something Sir Adrian Thistlemourn could
  never grow accustomed to, and even though he was able to
  wear whatever attire he could dream of, he insisted on
  keeping his dear red scarf and wore it along with even the
  finest of costumes (a fairly strange habit that nonetheless
  did not reduce his popularity at banquets and balls, quite
  the opposite). Being able to get anything he wanted was a
  peculiar feeling for Adrian. Walking past the market stalls
  on his way to the orphans at the church, he remembered
  how he as a child had longed for skillfully handcrafted
                                         decorations and other exquisite rare items.
                                         Now he desired...nothing.

Well, there was something he wanted: He wanted his mother
to shed no more tears.


t the age of nineteen, Adrian had to stop his father from
releasing an ancient, these days long-forgotten, devastating
power that would have had dire consequences for not
only the town they lived in, but...who knows where the
destruction would have ended. In their battle, the two of
them were severely wounded and Adrian lost his left eye by
his father's blade. When Adrian woke up again, he was lying
in a bed. His mother sat by his side, watching over him.
As he tried to open his pierced eye, she began to cry...
In the end, not Reverie, but Adrian, was the one who caused
Isabella to shed the most tears.

  From that day on, Adrian covered his left eye, always open
  and now white as snow, with his hair to prevent anyone
  from seeing it. A few months later, as soon as Adrian
  had healed just enough, he left the town he had grown up
  in and the name Thislemourn behind him. Instead, he took
  his mother's maiden name Hollywreath and journeyed
  eastwards. War raged far from his homeland, and he,
  who had no dreams nor a future, decided to take on
  work as a soldier. The wages were decent, especially for
  those who advanced to the higher ranks...as long as you
  managed to stay alive, that is. However, Adrian never
  killed a single opponent and therefore remained a
  mere foot soldier. He swiftly became infamous as "The
                                         Gray Ghost of the Battlefield"
and was feared among
                                         enemies and allies alike. The dashing gray cloud,
                                         followed by a flash of red dancing about him, could very
                                         well be the last thing you ever see
, it was said.

                                         ...Nevertheless, only those who survived and lived on
                                         would be able to tell a story like that in the first
                                         place, is it not so?

et, a ghost he was not, and he would eventually end up with
a deep wound in his side, which proved to be fatal as it refused
to heal. Luckily, the war came to an end before Adrian's life did,
and he slowly left the blood-stained snow of the battlefield
behind him. Wandering the lands without a goal, nor a future,
the young man finally sat down by the roadside under an old tree.
Watching the snowflakes silently fall, he closed his eye and
was about to fall asleep...but someone found him before he was
able rest in peace. A girl his own age forced him to stand
up and dragged the complaining ex-soldier with her, but, wounded
as he was and dead tired, he collapsed before long. Even so, he
miraculously woke up again. Surprised, he discovered that the
girl had not let go of him, and that the both of them now
were lying there on the ground, covered with snow. Seeing her,
still clinging to him and with a worried expression on her face,
he ceased his complaints and walked along with the one he owed
his life to in silence.
And...for some reason, the kind, silver-haired girl filled
him with such a perplexing, although warm and nostalgic feeling...
...as if he had already known her for a long time...

Rosalia, as she was called, nursed him back to health with
much care. Not even once did she ask him about his past.
She lived alone in a small house surrounded by a fantastic
garden that would only come to life more and more as spring,
followed by summer, arrived. Adrian was impressed by the
amount of life that it brimmed with...
All of the plants had some kind of curative traits or abilities.
Rosalia would often visit the nearby village to provide help,
medicine and treatments for the villages, and, once Adrian was
able to stand on his feet again, he accompanied her in her daily
She was admirable, kind and beloved...not the least by Adrian.

The quiet days that came and went by were the most precious
ones in Adrian's life, but...in the end, he feared that he would
bring misfortune upon the one who saved his life.
He, battle-scared and half-blind as he was, deemed himself
not worthy to stay there in the small house, spending his life
with such a beautiful and gracious being as her. He felt
ashamed for not having been able to take better care of himself.
...And most of all he feared that he would come to hurt her.

Not long after Adrian had fully recovered, leaving his earnings
from his time as a soldier behind, he wandered off to a fate
unknown to both himself and his dearest friend,
never to return again.