- The Omega Reports -


-Ancient Tablet Discovered-

Soul wrought of terra corrupt,
Quelling Impurity,
Purging the stream
To beckon forth an ultimate fate.
Behold mighty Chaos,
Omega's squire to the lofty heavens.

                            After further study of the tablet by our research
                            team, it has been determined that this passage was
                            written by the Cetra over two thousand years ago.

No New Findings

                            Could "Omega" be a place and "Chaos" a person?
                            While our search of the site has continued,
                            we have been unable to locate any new artifacts
                            that may help us to answer our many questions.

-Promised Land-
                            Quite a few of my colleagues have come to the
                            conclusion that Omega may be the fabled
                            "promised land" to which legend states the Cetra
                            are to lead us. However, I still have my doubts.
                            If Omega were an actual location, then how could
                            Chaos be its "squire to the lofty heavens"?

                            Next month, administration will finally be sending
                            me the assistant I have been asking for. Rumor has
                            it she graduated at the top of her university class.

Alternate Theories

                            Review of several dated reports on our world's
                            Lifestream have shed new light on my theories
                            about the Cetra inscription. Just as we are born
                            from the flowing matter below our feet, I now
                            believe that Chaos and Omega may also be sentient
                            life forms that the planet creates at its own will.

                            If we were able to discover the exact location
                            where these two beings are to be born, the
                            scientific repercussions would be enormous.

                            I was informed by a fellow paleontologist this
                            morning that the company had discovered another
                            Cetra artefact, and a new large-scale research
                            project was scheduled to begin. She also said that
                            my assistant had been offered a place on the team.

The Terrasystem

                            The more I learn of this wondrous planet's
                            inner-workings, the more I am in awe of that
                            which lies before me.

                            Omega... Part of a system created by our world
                            to preserve the constant circulation of life. And
                            therein lies the key to solving this mystery...
                            For many years it has been documented that
                            local legends not only speak of this phenomenon
                            in terms of a planetary scale, but also suggest
                            that the entire cosmos may follow the same rules.

                            I must say, I am quite pleased with the work of
                            my fine assistant. Her ardent approach to the tasks
                            before her will most certainly lead us to the many
                            answers which continue to elude our team.

Omega and Chaos

                            The two names which appear on the tablet...

                            If Omega is to act as the ark which guides all life
                            to the boundless sea of stars... then what of Chaos?

                            The ancient inscription implies that his duty is to
                            "beckon forth an ultimate fate." Perhaps it is he
                            who is destined to lead us to Omega.

                            Soul wrought of terra corrupt...
                            What message lurks behind these ominous words?


-Impurities in the Lifestream-

                            The spring that Dr. Valentine discovered is amazing!
                            I am certain that it is some sort of reservoir for the
                            "terra corrupt" mentioned on the Cetra tablet.

                            The doctor believes the crystalline spring contains
                            contaminated deposits of bioplasma that have
                            overflown from the pure Lifestream. In fact, all
                            of our readings indicate a strange type of energy
                            radiating from the site. Could this grotto be the
                            location where the legendary Chaos is destined
                            to be born?


                            My conscience tells me that I must leave some sort
                            of record documenting all that I have attempted.

                            That which slumbers within him...
                            The antithesis of Omega... Chaos.

                            Soul wrought of terra corrupt...
                            Before Omega begins his journey to the sea of
                            stars, Chaos will scourge the world of all things
                            living, sending them back to the Lifestream...

                            Only to be left with the burden of bearing
                            the discarded remnants of a dying world.

                            And it was I who...
                            I am so sorry...



                            I have determined the materia found by
                            Dr. Valentine at the fountain of Chaos to be a
                            type of refined anti-matter formed within the
                            grotto over the past several millennia.

                            I believe the planet created this instrument
                            out of necessity as a means to control Choas
                            and prolong its own inevitable fate.

                            By controlling Chaos, the planet also succeeds
                            in preventing the advent of Omega. If Chaos is
                            allowed to fulfill his destiny of destruction,
                            Omega's awakening cannot be far behind.

                            That is why I...