[ α ] - εγλ 0001, January 1 (ca. 24007 years and 338 days before FFVII)?

- The calendar of Gaia begins.

More than 2000 years before FFVII ([ λ ] - εγλ ?)

- The tablet speaking of Omega and Chaos is written by the Cetra.

Ca. 2000 years before FFVII ([ λ ] - εγλ ?)

- Jenova arrives on the Planet. The impact of its landing creates the Northern Crater. The Cetra learn of the Planet's wound and gather in large numbers to attempt to heal it, though the Planet tries to warn the Cetra to leave the area. Jenova appears and begins infecting them with its virus.

- The Planet creates WEAPON in order to protect itself from Jenova (though they are never used).

- Eventually, a small number of surviving Cetra manage to defeat and seal Jenova.

[ μ ] - εγλ unknown year
(ca. 1000 years after FFX)

- The descendants of the Al Bhed genius
Shinra arrive on Gaia from outer space,
bringing with them Shinra's research on
extracting energy from the flow of life
circling the world, and eventually found
the Shinra Company.

[ μ ] - εγλ 1877

- Bugenhagen is born.

Sometime before Mako energy extraction begins

- Oil is about to replace coal as the world's leading
power source and the technology to refine oil into fuel
is developed, but it is soon discarded in favour of Mako.
However, oil is still extracted and used for some
purposes aside from lamp lighting, and Shinra even
keeps reserves of refined oil fuel for emergencies.

[ μ ] - εγλ unknown year, July 22

- Lucrecia Crescent is born.

[ μ ] - εγλ 1947

- Holzoff the Mountaineer's wife takes up residence (or is born) in Icicle Lodge.

[ μ ] - εγλ 1950, October 13

- Vincent Valentine is born.

[ μ ] - εγλ 1959

- The Cetra tablet speaking of Omega and Chaos
is discovered by Grimoire Valentine.

September 23

- Shinra Manufacturing discovers Mako energy.

October 10

- Jenova is discovered in the vicinity of the Northern Crater by Gast Faremis, who mistakes it for an Ancient and names it Jenova. The Jenova Project is approved and Mako Reactor 1 (the Nibelheim Reactor) is assigned for the use of the project.

Sometime around October

- Lucrecia is assigned as Grimoire Valentine's assistant. Together they locate the cavern where Chaos is destined to be born and find the Protomateria. Grimoire later dies in a laboratory accident.

- Nanaki (later known as Red XIII) is born in Cosmo Canyon.

[ μ ] - εγλ unknown year

- While Nanaki is still very young, the Gi
tribe attacks Cosmo Canyon. Both of Nanaki's
parents die trying to protect him and their home.

Sometime before [ μ ] - εγλ 1965

- Mukki is born.

[ μ ] - εγλ 1967, July 2

- Jenova is sealed inside the Nibelheim Mako Reactor.

[ μ ] - εγλ 1968, January 9

- The Nibelheim Mako Reactor (Mako Reactor 1) is completed.

[ μ ] - εγλ 1970

- Gast becomes the head of the Shinra Department of Science.

- Honeybee Inn is founded.

[ μ ] - εγλ 1972

- Reeve Tuesti is born to Ruvie Tuesti.

December 15

- Barret Wallace is born in Corel.

Around this time

- Anette Townsend and Nick Foley are born.

[ μ ] - εγλ 1973

- Shera is born.

[ μ ] - εγλ 1975, February 22

- Cid Highwind is born.

[ μ ] - εγλ 1976, June 24

- The city of Midgar is formed out of several different towns and becomes the headquarters of the Shinra Company.
The construction of the Plate begins.

[ μ ] - εγλ 1977

- Azul (later given the Tsviet epithet "the Cerulean") is born.

- The two mountaineers Holzoff and Yamski attempt to climb Gaea's Cliff. They fail and Yamski dies.

[ μ ] - εγλ 1977-1982 (ca. 25-30 years before FFVII)

- Vincent Valentine, General Affairs Investigations (Turks),
is assigned to protect the scientists at Shinra Manor.
He eventually uncovers the truth behind his father's death
and Lucrecia's grief resurfaces. Attempting to
push Vincent away, she marries Hojo and volunteers for
the Jenova Project.

- Angeal (later Angeal Hewley) is born from Project G by Gillian.

- Genesis (later Genesis Rhapsodos) is born from Project G.

- Soon after being born, Angeal and Genesis are classified as failures.
Gillian attempts to run away with Angeal, but she is captured and
they are both sent to Banora. Gillian eventually marries and becomes
Gillian Hewley.

- Genesis is adopted by the Rhapsodos couple, the wealthiest family
in Banora.

- Sephiroth is born from Project S by Lucrecia.

[ μ ] - εγλ 1977 (30 years before FFVII)

- Vincent, being against the experiments involving Lucrecia
and Sephiroth, is shot by Hojo and then experimented on.
Lucrecia saves Vincent's life by fusing him with Chaos and places
the Protomateria inside his chest.

- Lucrecia leaves Shinra Manor and seals herself away
in crystal in the cave discovered by her and Grimoire.

- Vincent is put to sleep in a coffin in the cellars
beneath Shinra Manor.

[ μ ] - εγλ 1979
(pipapopupo years before FFVII)

- Mog (the moogle in the Mog House arcade game at Gold Saucer) is born in Mog Forest on Mt. Mog (assuming the game is up to date).

[ μ ] - εγλ 1980

- Gast leaves the Shinra Company and begins his research with Ifalna, the last of the Ancients, in Icicle Lodge.

- Following Gast's departure, Hojo and Hollander struggle for the position as head of the Department of Science.
Thanks to the success of Project S, Hojo wins.

At some point

- President Shinra abandons his lover,
unaware that she is pregnant with his son.
The boy, whom we know as Lazard Deusericus,
is thereafter born into poverty and grows
up in the Midgar slums.

[ μ ] - εγλ 1981

- The man who runs the Materia store in Cosmo
Canyon at the time of FFVII is born.


- The first annual tree lighting is held in Midgar.

[ μ ] - εγλ 1982

- Rufus Shinra is born to President Shinra and his wife.

[ μ ] - εγλ 1983

- Alvis Crisis is born in Midgar.

- Hojo discovers the whereabouts of Gast and Ifalna.
He bides his time, waiting for a new sample to be born.

[ μ ] - εγλ 1984, August 19

- Zack Fair is born in Gongaga.

[ μ ] - εγλ 1985

February 7

- Aerith (born Aerith Faremis) Gainsborough is born in Icicle Lodge to Gast and Ifalna.

February 27

- Gast is killed in his and Ifalna's home in Icicle Lodge while trying to save his family from being captured by Hojo and Shinra soldiers. Aerith and Ifalna are taken away as test subjects.

Sometime this year

- Cissnei is born.

- Rosso (later given the Tsviet epithet "the Crimson")
is born in Deepground, a secret facility constructed
below Midgar alongside Mako Reactor 0.

[ μ ] - εγλ 1986

- Shalua Rui is born.

August 11

- Cloud Strife is born in Nibelheim.
His father dies while Cloud is still very young.

[ μ ] - εγλ 1987

- Holzoff leaves his family and home in Icicle Lodge and goes to live at the base of Gaea's Cliff.

- Nero (later given the Tsviet epithet "the Sable") is born in Deepground as the sole survivor of hundreds of experiments based on Grimoire's research. His and Weiss's mother dies giving birth to him.

- A five-year-old Rufus Shinra suggests to his father that an escape route should be added to the presidential office blueprints.

May 3

- Tifa Lockhart is born in Nibelheim.

[ μ ] - εγλ 1989

- A sailor, who likes to sit and watch the sunset
at the Junon docks the time of FFVII,
has a girlfriend for the last time in at
least 18 years.

[ μ ] - εγλ, 1990 or earlier

- The war between Wutai and Shinra breaks out over the Shinra Company's plans to build a Mako Reacor in the Wutai area. It is during this war that Sephiroth becomes famous as the SOLDIER 1st Class hero. Elmyra Gainsborough's husband is also killed in this war. Other people known to have been involved are the Shinra soldier Usher (whose appearance is later used by Shelke the Transparent in the Tsviets' plan to take over Deepground), who was killed, and Argento, who was brought to Deepground and eventually became a Tsviet. The father of Evan Townshend is claimed to have been killed in Wutai as well.

[ μ ] - εγλ 1990

- Kyrie is born to a family of thieves living in the Midgar slums.

Sometime around mid-December

- Evan Townshend is born to Anette Townsend, a former
secretary of President Shinra (the father of Evan).

At some point

- Inspired by Sephiroth's achievements, Genesis
decides to join SOLDIER. Angeal follows his
childhood friend and is given the Buster Sword
by his parents when he joins. Angeal's father,
Mr. Hewley, later dies of exhaustion from
working to pay off the debt incurred by having
the Buster Sword forged.

[ μ ] - εγλ 1991

- Shelke Rui (later given the Tsviet epithet "the Transparent") is born.

November 20

- Yuffie Kisaragi is born in Wutai to Godo Kisaragi.

[ μ ] - εγλ 1992

- Ifalna escapes with Aerith, but dies after reaching the slums. Before she passes away, she entrusts Aerith to Elmyra Gainsborough.

[ μ ] - εγλ 1994

- Priscilla is born.

[ μ ] - εγλ 1995

- Tifa, distraught over her mother's death,
attempts to cross Mt. Nibel with Cloud in tow.
Tifa misses her step and they both end up
falling off a cliff. Though Cloud is barely hurt,
Tifa falls into a coma for seven days.

- The legendary mercenary known as the
"Grim Reaper of the Battlefield"
takes part in anti-Shinra operations.

- The five-year-old Evan undergoes heart
surgery due to a chronic illness.

[ μ ] - εγλ 1996

- Tseng, on one of his first missions as a Turk,
encounters the "Grim Reaper of the Battlefield".

- The Ice Gate sign near the base of Gaea's Cliff is erected.

At some point

- Tseng uncovers a smuggling operation dealing with stolen Shinra weapons while he is investigating the case of a kidnapped Shinra soldier. Verdot receives his scars protecting Tseng.

- Due to Verdot's orders being misheard, Kalm is attacked by the Shinra Army and destroyed. The survivors are transported to Shinra Manor in Nibelheim and become Hojo's test subjects. Verdot's wife dies and his daughter Felicia (later known as Elfe, the leader of AVALANCHE) is implanted with the Zirconiade Materia. Verdot himself loses an arm, though it is replaced with a prosthetic.

- After having been implanted with the Zirconiade Materia, Felicia somehow escapes
the laboratory in Shinra Manor in Nibelheim.
While wandering aimlessly without any
memories of her past, she meets Fuhito,
who takes her in. She becomes Elfe,
the leader of AVALANCHE.

- Balto, a young man from Gongaga, rescues an
abducted friend and wipes out the kidnappers,
but is afterwards imprisoned.
In exchange for joining their ranks,
he is freed by the Turks.

[ μ ] - εγλ 1997

- Zack Fair hastily leaves Gongaga to travel to Midgar and join SOLDIER.

- The "Grim Reaper of the Battlefield" loses his friends in a failed
Mako reactor occupation operation after the anti-Shinra organization
he is a part of is betrayed by a weapons dealer.
Upon meeting Verdot after the incident, he gives up and joins the Turks.

- The man who runs the Materia store in Cosmo Canyon
at the time of FFVII becomes a Materia merchant.

At some point

- Sears, at the time the leader of a large group
of bandits, meets Fuhito and Elfe. Elfe defeats
Sears in combat and offers him a new path in
life as a member of AVALANCHE.

[ μ ] - εγλ 1999, November 10

- The "Grim Reaper of the Battlefield"
is assigned the mission to rescue a
weapons dealer from an overrun Shinra
weapon factory in Wutai, as well as
to destroy the factory itself.
After failing to complete his mission
by allowing the weapons dealer, the
same one who betrayed him years ago,
to perish along with the factory,
he is put in house arrest in Costa Del Sol.

At some point

- Cissnei joins the Turks as the youngest person to ever do so.

[ μ ] - εγλ 2000

- Shelke is scouted as a SOLDIER candidate by Shinra, kidnapped and brought to Deepground. Shalua begins her long search for her lost younger sister.

- Cloud meets Tifa at the water tower and they make their promise, he then leaves Nibelheim to join SOLDIER.

Late summer

- Genesis is lightly wounded in a fight with Angeal and Sephiroth in the SOLDIER training room, but is unable to recover properly. He is treated by the disgruntled Hollander. Hollander reveals the truth of Project G to Genesis, who agrees to turn against Shinra in return for Hollander's help with stopping his degradation. Hollander and Lazard Deusericus, now the Director of SOLDIER, begin to conspire against the Shinra Company.


- The Mass SOLDIER Desertion Incident occurs
and Hollander steals classified documents
from the Department of Science before disappearing.

Sometime late this year

- Denzel is born in Midgar to Abel and Chloe.


- Genesis and his forces take over Banora and make it their base.
They kill many of the villagers, including Genesis's foster parents.
Later on, two Turks are sent to investigate the village but are also killed.

- Zack and Angeal are sent to Wutai to participate
in the Fort Tamblin mission. While infiltrating the
fort, Zack runs into Yuffie. Once the mission is over,
Angeal goes missing after an attack by Genesis Copies.


- Rufus Shinra is appointed Vice President of the Shinra Company and immediately leaves on a long-term business trip.

- Zack and Tseng go to Banora to investigate. There they encounter Genesis and Angeal, as well as Gillian Hewley. Gillian takes her own life and Banora is destroyed by a Shinra air strike.

Sometime before the beginning of Before Crisis

- Rufus begins sponsoring AVALANCHE.

- Ruluf leaves his job as one of Don Corneo's
bodyguards and joins the Turks.

- Freyra, a woman from Mideel, joins the Turks.

- The young man from Bone Village known as Nunchaku
joins the Turks for the nice uniform.

- The woman from Corel known as Knife joins the Turks.

- Alvis Crisis, an eighteen-year-old gang leader from Junon,
attempts to steal a motorcycle from the Shinra Building.
He is caught and defeated by Reno and thereafter joins the Turks.

- Emma, Elena's older sister, graduates at the top
of her year from the Shinra Military Academy and
immediately joins the Turks.

At some point after the Wutai war

- A mysterious blond man visits Godo in Wutai
and gives him classified Shinra information,
such as the phone numbers of SOLDIER members.

[ ν ] - εγλ 0001

January 10

- Tseng is sent to Costa Del Sol to try to convince
the "Grim Reaper of the Battlefield" to return to
the Turks to help against possible future anti-Shinra


- The Wutai war ends.

February 30, 02:15

- AVALANCHE begins its war against the Shinra Company by attempting to infiltrate and blow up one of Midgar's mako reactors. The Turks manage to stop them.


- Soon after their attack on Midgar, AVALANCHE targets President Shinra while he is in Junon to hold a speech. Despite protection of the Turks, Fuhito manages to shoot him at an unguarded moment after the AVALANCHE forces seize the Mako Cannon.


- The Turks race to prevent AVALANCHE from
destroying Midgar with the Junon Mako Cannon.
Though the anti-Shinra group almost succeeds,
Sephiroth arrives at the last minute and dispatches
the AVALANCHE forces occupying the cannon.
He and Elfe then face each other in combat.


- Genesis and Angeal are declared as killed
in action by the Shinra Company.

March 16, 15:00

- The Turks, led by Reno and Rude, encounter
an AVALANCHE force led by Sears while forcibly
recruiting SOLDIER candidates in Costa Del Sol.
Sears's force attempts to free the SOLDIER
candidates. Azul, who was among the candidates,
eventually decides to voluntarily come along with
the Turks in order to become stronger. By evening,
most of the candidates have been retrieved.


- Zack is promoted to SOLDIER 1st Class. An army of Genesis Copies attack Midgar and the Shinra Building, but are beaten back by SOLDIER and the Turks. Zack meets Cissnei for the first time. After hearing that Angeal has been sighted at the Sector 5 Mako Reactor, Zack and Sephiroth head there. There they encounter Angeal, Genesis and Hollander. After a short fight with Angeal, Zack falls down from the Plate and into the slums. Zack wakes up in the church in the slums and meets Aerith for the first time.

Later in April

- Cissnei is assigned to keep Zack under surveillance.

June 28, 06:00

- Cloud and the Turks struggle against AVALANCHE
to protect Dr. Rayleigh, a Shinra scientist carrying
highly confidential scientific data on SOLDIER.
Though they manage to save Dr. Rayleigh, the
information falls into Fuhito's hands.

July 19, Mon, 07:00

- This year's rendition of LOVELESS premiers.


- Zack and Tseng are sent to Modeoheim to track down
Angeal, Genesis and Hollander. On the way Zack meets
Cloud and they become friends. Zack faces Genesis in
the abandoned Modeoheim Mako plant and defeats him.
Genesis is presumed dead after falling down the Mako
shaft. Zack, Tseng and Cloud then encounter Angeal
and Hollander in the abandoned Modeoheim bathhouse.
Zack battles a transformed Angeal, kills him and
inherits the Buster Sword. Hollander is arrested.


- The 20th annual tree lighting is held in the western park in Midgar.

December 22, 22:00

- The Turks are given the mission to stalk Rude
(who has been going off on his own lately)
by Reno. After following him to a bar, they
discover that he has a girlfriend called Chelsea.
Two hours later, Rude walks her home.

December 23

- While Reno personally shadows Rude on his date, the other Turks have to deal with an outbreak of Kimara Bugs. Before Rude and Chelsea part after their date, Rude asks her to meet him by the lit-up tree in the western park the following evening. Afterwards, Reno discovers that Chelsea is an AVALANCHE spy.

December 24

- Reno learns that Rude is aware that Chelsea is working for AVALANCHE. He and the other Turks then destroy the Kimara Bug nest. On their way back, the Turks encounter Chelsea, who is attacked by her former comrades for wanting to leave AVALANCHE, and save her. She asks them to go and tell Rude, who is waiting by the tree in the park, that they have to part ways. As the Turks meet Rude by the tree, Reno arrives and they all return to Headquarters.

[ ν ] - εγλ 0002

January 14, 02:00

- The two SOLDIER operatives Sebastian and Essai
are abducted by AVALANCHE from a Shinra base near
Icicle Lodge. The Turks are sent out to investigate
and discover an AVALANCHE base in the area, from
which they rescue the two SOLDIER operatives.

January 15

- Juget officially joins the Turks.

January 16, 11:00

- Zack is assigned, along with Sebastian, Essai, a large Shinra force, and the Turks, to destroy the AVALANCHE base near Icicle Lodge. They are ambushed along the way and Essai and Sebastian are abducted once more. Zack and the Turks head for the base in an attempt to rescue their SOLDIER friends. But Essai and Sebastian, who have been turned into AVALANCHE Ravens by Fuhito, attack them. Zack refuses to fight back and manages to return them to their senses for a short moment before they both succumb to the effects of Fuhito's experiment and die.
Shortly after this, Verdot is relieved of his position as the head of the
Turks due to information having been leaked to AVALANCHE from an
unknown source.

February 1, 18:00

- AVALANCHE launches another assault on Junon
and the Turks are nearly wiped out under
Heidegger's command. Verdot manages to blackmail
President Shinra into reassigning him to his old
position and, with the help of the "Grim Reaper
of the Battlefield", leads the Turks to victory.
Maur joins the Turks.

Early summer

- Lazard disappears.

- Junon, along with many other locations, are attacked
by Genesis's Copy Army. Zack fights to protect the
citizens and recapture the escaped Hollander, who
manages to gets away. Zack meets Cloud again.

June 17, 23:00

- AVALANCHE abducts Hojo from the Shinra Building.
The Turks pursue, but are unable to recapture, him.
Sephiroth shows up and defeats the AVALANCHE forces
and Hojo decides to remain with Shinra.


- Lazard and Hollander are declared as killed
in action by the Shinra Company.

- Zack goes on vacation to Costa Del Sol.

- Genesis's Copy Army begins assaulting Mako reactors around the world in search of the Jenova cells.

August 9, 01:00

- Aerith is almost abducted by AVALANCHE, but the Turks intervene. Due to Elfe's illness, AVALANCHE is forced to retreat. While talking to Elfe, Aerith senses the presence of Zirconiade inside her.

September 21, 18:00

- The Turks are sent to investigate the Nibelheim Mako Reactor after the workers
there have all gone missing. They meet Tifa,
who is looking for her cat in the Nibel Mountains.
At the reactor, they discover a large outbreak of
monsters and Sephiroth and Zack are dispatched to
deal with the situation.

September 22

- Sephiroth and Zack, accompanied by Cloud
and guided by Tifa, visit the Nibelheim Reactor.
There they meet Genesis, who reveals to Sephiroth
that he too is the product of one of Shinra's

September 23

- Zack finds Sephiroth reading old reports in
the laboratory beneath Shinra Manor. Sephiroth
remains there for a week, continuing to go
through the documents.

October 1

- The Nibelheim Incident occurs. Sephiroth burns down Nibelheim, kills many of the villagers (including Tifa's father and Cloud's mother) and goes to the reactor to get Jenova. There, Tifa is wounded by Sephiroth and Zack faces off against him, but is defeated. Cloud manages to fatally wound Sephiroth with the Buster Sword. Though Sephiroth stabs him, Cloud throws him into the Mako pool together with Jenova's head. Sephiroth's body is dissolved, yet his spirit refuses to diffuse into the Lifestream.


- The Turks, who are present at the reactor, report Sephiroth as presumed dead. Zangan carries Tifa from the reactor and eventually brings her to Midgar.

Later that day

- Zack, Cloud and the surviving villagers are brought to Shinra Manor to become Hojo's test subjects. The Nibelheim Incident cover-up operation and the Sephiroth Clone experiment begin.

[ ν ] - εγλ 0003

January 3, 06:30

- The Turks, despite the involvement of Yuffie,
destroy AVALANCHE's headquarters in Wutai and the
leaders of AVALANCHE are presumed to have been killed.
Yuffie learns about Materia.

April 11, 14:00

- The Turks prevent AVALANCHE from stealing the Tiny Bronco. Later on, AVALANCHE succeeds in stealing one of the Shinra No.26's oxygen tanks.

April 12

- Because of AVALANCHE's interference, the
launch of the Shinra No.26 rocket fails and
the Space Program is scaled back. Afterwards,
Cid, Shera, and many of the other mechanics
involved in the project settle around the
rocket launch area, thus founding Rocket Town.

Sometime before May

- Marlene (later Marlene Wallace) is born in Corel to Dyne and Eleanor.

May 8, 08:30

- The Turks, with the help of Barret, fight to recapture
the unfinished Corel Reactor from AVALANCHE. It is revealed
that Rufus has been secretly sponsoring AVALANCHE and the
Turks present, including Tseng, Reno and Rude, are ordered
to capture him. Fuhito and AVALANCHE turn against Rufus.
Verdot meets Elfe and recognizes her as his daughter Felicia,
whom he believed to have died. Elfe regains her memories and
Verdot leaves to pursue her. Fuhito blows up the reactor,
leaving Sears behind, and makes away with Elfe.


- Sears and a Turk who was caught up in
the explosion make their way out of the reactor.
Sears reveals Fuhito's true plan to return all
life to the Planet using Zirconiade and hands
over one of the Zirconiade Support Materia.
As the reactor crumbles, Sears saves the Turk,
apparently at the cost of his own life.
The Turk caught in the ruined reactor suffers
Mako poisoning and spends three years in a coma.

- Rufus is confined inside the Turks' headquarters,
officially on a long-term business trip.
Tseng is made the head of the Turks in Verdot's place
and is given the order to kill Verdot by President Shinra.

- President Shinra orders Scarlet to head to Corel and cover up the Mako reactor incident. Corel is destroyed and Barret and Dyne lose their families, as well as their right and left hands respectively. Barret returns to Corel and finds that Dyne's daughter Marlene has survived, he adopts her as his own daughter and she becomes Marlene Wallace. Soon after the destruction of Corel, the Gold Saucer amusement park is built above it and the ruins of Corel become the Desert Prison.

[ ν ] - εγλ 0004

- The Gongaga Mako Reactor explodes, killing many of the villagers.

[ ν ] - εγλ 0005

Sometime during the second half of the year

- The Townshend family adopts a stray cat and name him Blackie.
Six months later, when Evan is 15, Blackie leaves to go on his own adventure.

At some point...

- Hollander becomes a G Copy and Lazard is made into an Angeal Copy.

[ ν ] - εγλ 0006

- Half a year after Blackie's departure, Evan
sees a cat which reminds him of his old pet,
covered in scars. However, the cat leaves
before he has a chance to confirm its identity.

- Denzel turns six and stops holding his parents'
hands when going for walks.

- The comatose Turk is awakened by Balto and greeted by him and Cissnei.

October 30, 15:00

- On the day of the rite to appease the Planet held every fifty years in Cosmo Canyon by a male and female of Nanaki's tribe, the Turks, among them Reno, are sent there to capture one of Nanaki's species on Hojo's orders. They meet Bugenhagen, who explains more about Zirconiade and that Elfe's life is being drained by the Materia embedded in her hand. They also encounter AVALANCHE forces, who are there with Fuhito to force Bugenhagen to tell him how to summon Zirconiade. The Turks and AVALANCHE race to capture Dine. Nanaki shows up and fights the Turks to protect Dine, but is defeated. The Turks decide to let him take part in the rite with Dine before they bring him with them to Midgar. Dine spends the following three years praying in seclusion.

December 18

- Zack and Cloud break free from their tubes and attempt to
escape Shinra Manor. Tired and faced with heavy opposition
from the Shinra Army, they retreat back to the manor to wait
until nightfall.

December 19, 02:00

- Zack and Cloud escape from Nibelheim and make their way into the surrounding woods. There they meet Cissnei, who has been sent out to track them down. She lets them go and supplies them with a motorcycle.

- The Turks return to Shinra Manor to find out the truth behind Hojo's experiments on Zack and Cloud. There they meet Verdot, who is there to look for one of the Zirconiade Support Materia. As they search the manor they awaken Vincent, whom Verdot recognizes as an old colleague. Vincent helps them fight off AVALANCHE and find the Materia. Fuhito appears and takes the Support Materia in Verdot and the Turks' possession.
The army witnesses the Turks cooperating with Verdot
and Scarlet informs President Shinra, who orders Scarlet
to capture Verdot. The Turks decide to continue to support

[ ν ] - εγλ 0007

February 10, 13:00

- With the help of Cait Sith, the Turks locate the
Zirconiade Support Materia hidden inside the ruined
Gongaga Reactor and, aided by Sears and Verdot,
fight off AVALANCHE and lay claim to it. President
Shinra is informed that the Turks have once again
cooperated with Verdot and orders Scarlet to
exterminate the Turks.

July 25, 06:00

- This year's rendition of LOVELESS premiers.

Early autumn

- Zack faces and defeats Genesis in the Banora Underground,
though Genesis is given a second chance by the gift of
the Goddess. Lazard and the winged Angeal Copy hound die and
Zack receives Aerith's final letter. Weiss and Nero arrive
in Banora and bring Genesis to Deepground. Genesis decides
to seal himself away inside the water-filled cavern below


- Zack dies just outside of Midgar trying to protect Cloud from the Shinra Army. Cloud regains some of his consciousness and receives the Buster Sword from the dying Zack, he then heads towards Midgar. During this time, the Turks try their best to save Zack and Cloud from the army while carrying out a special mission to capture them.

October 1, 18:00

- The Turks, together with Sears and Verdot,
struggle against AVALANCHE in Corel Prison
over one of the Support Materia. The Turks
meet Shalua. After retrieving the Support
Materia, the Turks and Verdot are attacked
by Scarlet's troops. Verdot is captured and
the Shinra executives decide that he is to
be executed. They also decide to disband the

October 4, 17:00

- The day before Verdot's execution, Tseng,
Reno and Rude desperately try to locate him.
With the help of Rufus, they find out where he
is being held. Meanwhile, Sears and the rest of
the Turks are forced to fight both Shinra troops
and AVALANCHE. Elena, the younger sister of Emma,
is kidnapped by AVALANCHE, and later ransomed
back for one of the Zirconiade Support Materia.


- As Tseng, Reno and Rude race to rescue Verdot,
Fuhito obtains all of the Support Materia
and Zirconiade is incompletely summoned.
Fuhito receives the Zirconiade Materia from
Elfe's body and hurries off to complete the
summon and burn all life on the Planet.
Rufus is freed from his confinement in the
Turks' headquarters by President Shinra.
Verdot is rescued and reunited with his daughter.

October 5, 00:00

- The Turks, together with Sears, chase after Fuhito into the special dimension surrounding Zirconiade. When they finally catch up to him, Fuhito fuses himself with the Zirconiade Materia. Sears sacrifices himself to break the Materia and both he and Fuhito disappear. Meanwhile, Tseng, Verdot, Elfe, Reno and Rude are cornered by the Shinra Army. At Rufus's suggestion, President Shinra decides to spare the Turks in exchange for Verdot and Elfe's execution. Tseng personally shoots both of them.


- The Turks battle Zirconiade and manage to destroy it. The Zirconiade summon falls apart and the Turks fighting it are thereafter missing.

- Jade WEAPON awakens and turns on the Turks who
defeated Zirconiade, as it considers them a
threat to the Planet. The WEAPON is destroyed
soon afterwards by the renegade Turks.

November 3

- The situation between Shinra and AVALANCHE
reaches a volatile state (Barret is putting
up flyers?).

Sometime late this year

- Soon after Denzel's seventh birthday, Abel is
promoted to the division chief of Shinra Electric
Power Company's Division Three. The family
prepares to move from their home in Sector 7
to the Shinra executive housing area in Sector 5.

December 9

- During an executive meeting, it is decided that the Turks,
at the time consisting of only Tseng, Reno and Rude,
are to remain a part of the Shinra Company.

- Tseng changes his hairstyle.

- Cloud, Barret and the new AVALANCHE blow up Midgar's Mako Reactor 1. On his way to the Sector 8 train station, Cloud meets Aerith for the first time.

December 10, Ca. 12:23 AM

- AVALANCHE return to their base in the Sector 7 Slums. Back at 7th Heaven, Tifa and Cloud reminisce about their promise. Cloud decides to stay with AVALANCHE for their next mission.


- Johnny leaves his home and parents in the
Sector 7 Slums behind and sets off on his journey
to become a better man.

- AVALANCHE infiltrates the Sector 5 Reactor
and sets up a bomb. On their way out they are
confronted by President Shinra. When the bomb
explodes, Cloud falls down from the Plate and
lands in Aerith's church. Cloud helps Aerith run
away from Reno and escorts her back to her house.
Aerith decides to guide him to Sector 7, but
Elmyra convinces them to wait until next morning
since it is getting late.

- After Tifa and Barret return to the Slums,
they find a suspicious character lurking around.
Barret catches and interrogates him and Don
Corneo's name is mentioned. Tifa decides to
investigate the matter herself.

- President Shinra attends a dinner.

December 11

- Cloud sneaks out of Aerith's house early,
but she catches up to him. At the playground
outside of the gates to Sector 7, they see Tifa
riding at the back of a chocobo carriage headed
towards Wall Market. They follow her there and
find out that Tifa is at Don Corneo's mansion,
but that only girls can get in. Aerith helps
Cloud dress up as one.

- Johnny, still in Midgar, hesitates outside the Honeybee Inn,
considering paying it a visit for the sake of his "last
memories of Midgar". However, the man at the door scares him.

- Cloud, dressed as a girl, and Aerith infiltrate Don Corneo's mansion and meet Tifa. The three of them confront the Don and force him to reveal Shinra's plan to drop the Sector 7 Plate to crush AVALANCHE. Before they have a chance to leave, Don Corneo drops them into the sewers through a trapdoor. Cloud, Tifa and Aerith make their way through the sewers and the Train Graveyard to the Sector 7 pillar. Aerith stays behind to bring Marlene to safety while Cloud and Tifa climb the pillar stair and rendezvous with Barret. Reno appears and activates the Emergency Plate Release System. Cloud, Tifa, and Barret fight him and force him to run away. Tseng then appears and reveals that the Turks have captured Aerith. The plate collapses, killing nearly everyone beneath and on it, including Biggs, Wedge, Jessie, Chloe, Abel, Johnny's parents and cousin. Cloud, Tifa, and Barret escape at the last moment.

- Denzel, having been brought to his family's new house in Sector 5 by Arkham,
sees the news about the Sector 7 collapse on TV.

- About one week before Evan's birthday, Nick Foley comes to visit
the Townsend family's house in Sector 6. He announces that Evan
and his mother are going to move away from Midgar together with
him in two days. Shocked, Even runs away from home and is caught
up in the fall of the Sector 7 Plate.
He spends the next three days walking from Sector 8 to 6,
trying to find his way home.

- Meanwhile, President Shinra attends a luncheon.
The guests include the company president seen
in the Queen's Room at the Honeybee Inn and his

- Cloud, Tifa and Barret go to Aerith's house
and meet Elmyra, who tells them about Aerith's
past and that she is the last of the Ancients.
Barret meets Marlene and asks Elmyra to take
care of her for a little longer. Cloud, Tifa
and Barret then go to Wall Market, climb up onto
the Plate and infiltrate the Shinra Building.
On their way through Hojo's lab they see Jenova
in its container. Eventually they find and rescue
Aerith from Hojo and meet Nanaki, who introduces
himself as Red XIII. On their way out, they are
caught by the Turks and imprisoned.

- At Sephiroth's command Jenova's body takes on
his form and slaughters its way up through the
Shinra Building and kills President Shinra.
On the way it unlocks Cloud's cell door.
It then leaves Midgar and begins its journey
towards the Reunion.

December 12

- Cloud and the others wake up and follow the trail
of blood to the top floor, where they find the dead
President Shinra. Rufus appears, gives a speech, and
then has a fight with Cloud. Afterwards the party
escapes the Shinra Building on a stolen bA-37 type
Motor tricycle and hardy-DAYTONA (model hd-92).
At the edge of Midgar, the five of them decide to
continue traveling together.

- The party arrives in Kalm and gathers at the inn,
where Cloud tells his version of the Nibelheim Incident.
They then leave Kalm and continue on their journey.

- The now orphaned Denzel meets Ruvie and
comes to live with her in her house.

Soon after the events in Midgar

- Elena joins the Turks.

- Hojo disappears from Shinra, leaving a letter of resignation.

December 13

- After leaving Kalm, the party follows Sephiroth's trail westwards.

December 14

- Past noon, Evan finally reaches his house.
He soon falls asleep and does not wake up
until after nightfall. When making his bed,
he finds a large sum of money along with a
letter from his mother, in which she tells
him that she and Nick has left the city as
planned and that they will contact him as
soon as they have settled at their new home.

- Cloud and the others make their way through the eastern marshes and the abandoned coal mine known as Mythril Mines. In the mines, they encounter Rude and Elena. The latter accidentally gives away that Sephiroth (actually Jenova's body, mimicking Sephiroth's form under his control, hereafter referred to as Sephiroth) is headed towards Junon.

- On their way to Junon, the party stops at Fort Condor
and helps the local villagers defend the condor nest
there from the Shinra Army.

December 15

- While traveling through the forests near Junon,
Cloud and the others are attacked by a
mysterious ninja (also known as Yuffie).
After the fight, she joins them.

- After reaching Junon, Cloud and the others
meet a young girl called Priscilla, as well
as her friend Mr. Dolphin, whom they save
from a dangerous monster. While Priscilla
is recovering, a local woman offers the
party to stay the night at her house.

- Barret's birthday passes seemingly unnoticed.

- Evan discovers that even more money was left
behind by his mother along with a leather bag
as a birthday gift. Furious, he unplugs the
telephone. He then spends the next ten days
trying to get by on his own and eventually
finds a job as assistant delivery boy at
the café his mother used to work at.

December 16

- When they wake up, they learn that Rufus
will visit Junon and come to the conclusion
that he might be planning to cross the ocean
in pursuit of Sephiroth. With the help of
Priscilla and Mr. Dolphin, Cloud manages to
reach the military airport above the old Junon
village. There he is mistaken for a Shinra
trooper and made to join Rufus's parade.
He hears that the Man in the Black Cape
appeared two or three days earlier and killed
several soldiers before disappearing.
Cloud meets up with the others aboard
Rufus's ship.

December 17

- While crossing the ocean aboard the Shinra ship,
Cloud and the others encounter Sephiroth.
He casts off a part of Jenova's body,
which transforms and battles the party.

- Cloud and the others reach Costa Del Sol,
where they take a short break. There they are
reunited with Johnny, who lives in a house
together with his girlfriend, and meet Hojo
at the beach. They spend the night at a local

December 18

- The party crosses the mountains to North Corel,
where the villagers recognize and berate Barret.
Before taking the ropeway to Gold Saucer,
Barret tells the story of how Corel was destroyed.

- As night falls, Cloud and the others arrive at Gold Saucer. Barret splits up from the rest as they explore the amusement park. While wandering around they meet Cait Sith, who tells Cloud's fortune and then joins the party with the excuse that he has to see for himself how the mysterious fortune turns out.

- Dyne ascends from Desert Prison and kills a number of Shinra soldiers present at Gold Saucer, he also wounds two Gold Saucer employees.

- The party goes to the Battle Square, where several Shinra soldiers and two Gold Saucer
employees have been shot. They find out that it
was done by a man with a gun-arm, but are then
cornered by Dio and his security forces who believe
them to be the culprits. Cloud and the others are
thrown into the Desert Prison.

December 19

- The next morning, Cloud and the others arrive
in the Desert Prison. They eventually reunite
with Barret, who explains that he was not the
one behind the shootings and tells the rest of
the story of the destruction of Corel and about
Dyne. Afterwards they find Dyne and he and Barret
confront each other. Barret defeats Dyne, who
entrusts Marlene and his wife's pendant to Barret
before letting himself fall off a cliff.
Using Dyne's pendant, the party is allowed to
send Cloud to the chocobo races. Ester appears
and volunteers to be Cloud's manager and, after
hearing their story, decides to explain the
situation to Dio. Cloud wins a chocobo race and,
thanks to Ester talking to Dio, the entire party
is pardoned and given a buggy to travel in.

December 20

- Following Sephiroth's trail, the
party travels to Gongaga in their buggy.
There they meet Elena, Reno and Rude.
After fighting Reno and Rude, they
realize that the Turks knew they were
coming and that there might be a spy in
the party. While visiting Gongaga,
they meet Zack's parents.

- After leaving Gongaga, the party continues on westwards. By dusk, the buggy suffers a breakdown and they head to the nearby village Cosmo Canyon. With the help of Nanaki, who explains that he has now reached his home and that his journey is over, they are allowed to enter and decide to take the opportunity to rest up a little. They meet Bugenhagen, who talks about Nanaki and shows his hologram machine. Later that night, Bugenhagen leads Nanaki, accompanied by his friends, through the secret tunnels below Cosmo Canyon where the Gi tribe attacked and shows him the petrified Seto.

December 21

- As the party is about to leave Cosmo Canyon, Nanaki appears and explains that he has decided to continue traveling with them.

- With the now repaired buggy, the party travels to Nibelheim. Upon their arrival, they are surprised to find that the town is apparently intact after being razed five years ago. While wandering about the town they encounter several Sephiroth Clones dressed in black capes and, following their clues, enter Shinra Manor in search of Sephiroth. While searching the premises they come across Vincent sleeping in
his coffin and, after hearing their story, he decides
to come with them. Eventually, Cloud and the others
find Sephiroth in the laboratory library in the
basement below the mansion. Sephiroth speaks with
Cloud, tells him where he is headed next, and then
disappears. The party then crosses the mountains.

December 22

- After having crossed Mt. Nibel, Cloud and
the others reach Rocket Town. While considering
making off with the Tiny Bronco, they meet Shera
and learn that Rufus is scheduled to visit the
town. Afterwards they meet and have tea with Cid
and learn more about Shinra's Space Program from
him and Shera, as well as why it failed. Palmer
and Rufus show up. While Cid is talking to Rufus,
Palmer attempts to steal the Tiny Bronco, but is
stopped by Cloud and the others. Tiny Bronco then
takes off and the party jumps on, soon followed by
Cid, though the plane is damaged by Shinra gunfire
and crashes into the sea. While they're drifting,
Cid decides to join them.

December 23

- Eventually, Cloud and the others land on the Wutai continent. While almost walking into Yuffie's trap, they are surprised by Shinra soldiers looking for Don Corneo. In the confusion, Yuffie steals the party's Materia and runs off. They pursue her to Wutai. There they meet Elena, Reno and Rude, who are on vacation. Cloud and the others also meet Godo, who claims to not know anyone called Yuffie. Yuffie appears and they have an argument. Eventually the party corners Yuffie, though Yuffie tricks them and runs off again. When they find her again, she has been captured, along with Elena, by Don Corneo. The party and the Turks call a truce to look for their lost friends
and catch up to the Don atop Da-chao.
Cloud and the others defeat the Don's
pet and Reno and Rude take care of Corneo
himself, who falls from the tall mountain.
Yuffie then finally returns the Materia
she stole. Before leaving Wutai, Yuffie
climbs and conquers the Pagoda of the
Five Mighty Gods.

December 24

- While travelling around, the party learns of
the Temple of the Ancients and that the
Keystone is needed to enter. They also
learn that Dio is the one who has it.
They go to Gold Saucer and talk to Dio,
who agrees to give the Keystone to them in
exchange for Cloud fighting in the Battle Arena.
As the ropeway tram is temporarily broken, the
party has to stay the night at the Ghost Hotel.
Aerith asks Cloud out on a date, as payment for
his bodyguard services back in the Slums, and on
their way back they see Cait Sith sneaking off
with the Keystone. They chase him through Gold
Saucer and eventually corner him, though he
manages to hand over the Keystone to the Turks.
He then reveals that he is a Shinra spy, but
forces them to let him continue travelling
with them by using Marlene as a hostage.

December 25

- Sometime before Cloud and the others reach the Temple of the Ancients,
Tseng and Elena enter the Temple and reach the Black Materia chamber.
After Elena leaves, Sephiroth appears and wounds Tseng.

- The next day the party sets out for the Temple of the Ancients.
Upon entering it, they find the badly wounded Tseng.
He gives them the Keystone and they enter the Temple.

- Reeve uses Cait Sith no. 2 to help Tseng. Three of the renegade
Turks appear and carry Tseng to a boat. Tseng eventually ends
up in a hospital in Junon, though the fact that he is alive
remains unknown to Elena, Reno and Rude until Meteorfall.

- Cloud and the others make their way through the Temple until they
reach the Black Materia chamber. There they meet Sephiroth,
who explains his plan to injure the Planet using Meteor and
take control of the Lifestream. After Sephiroth is gone,
they find out that the Temple itself is the Materia and Cait
Sith no. 1 sacrifices himself to retrieve it.

- After the Black Materia has returned to its original form,
Cloud and Aerith pick it up. Sephiroth appears and makes
Cloud hand over the Black Materia to him. Cloud then
suffers a breakdown and attacks Aerith and the others
are forced to knock him out. Cait Sith no. 2 joins the

- While Cloud is unconscious, Aerith leaves the party and heads to the City of the Ancients.

- Evan plugs in the telephone again.

December 26

- Cloud wakes up at the inn in Gongaga, but hesitates to go on. After Tifa and Barret convince him to keep going the party heads towards the City of the Ancients. On their way they reach Bone Village and stop to get a Lunar Harp.

December 27

- After reaching the City of the Ancients and finding it empty, the party spends the night there.

- Aerith prays at the altar in the City of the Ancients to call upon Holy.

- Cloud wakes up in the middle of the night, sensing Sephiroth's presence. He and the others find their way to the altar where Aerith is praying. There, Cloud nearly loses himself again and almost attacks Aerith. Sephiroth then appears and kills Aerith himself. A part of Jenova's main body detaches, transforms and battles the party. Afterwards, Cloud carries Aerith outside and lets her body sink into the lake.

Following her death

- Aerith's spririt travels the Lifestream without
diffusing into it. She meets many familiar
spirits, among them Zack, and continues to
do her best to stop Sephiroth's plans and
help Cloud and the others.

December 28

- The next day, the party follows Sephiroth's trail north.

December 29

- They eventually reach Icicle Lodge. There they meet
a furious Elena seeking revenge, as she believes them
to have killed Tseng, but they manage to get away.
They then make their way to the base of Gaea's Cliff,
where they meet Holzoff. They spend the night in his
cabin before climbing the mountain.

December 30

- The party climbs Gaea's Cliff and reaches the
Northern Crater after nightfall. At the same
time, Rufus, Scarlet, Heidegger and Hojo arrive
in the Highwind. Cloud and the others descend
into the Crater and press on towards the center.
On the way they encounter Sephiroth and more of
Jenova's main body transforms and battles the party,
they defeat it and retrieve the Black Materia. While
some of the party stay behind to guard the Black
Materia, the rest continue on in search of the real
Sephiroth. Cloud and others are soon trapped inside
an illusion of the Nibelheim Incident created by Sephiroth.
Cloud breaks down and comes under Sephiroth's control.
Meanwhile, Sephiroth tricks the one who stayed behind
holding the Black Materia to come after Cloud. As Rufus
and his subordinates, who have made their way into the
middle of the Crater, are preparing to leave, Cloud and
the others suddenly appear among them. The party
members led there by Sephiroth give Cloud the Black
Materia and Cloud takes off with it. Hojo confirms that
Cloud is a Sephiroth Clone. As Cloud hands over the
Black Materia to Sephiroth's real body, the rest of the
party, Rufus and his subordinates fly away on the Highwind
as WEAPON awaken. During the commotion, Tifa is knocked

[ ν ] - εγλ 0008

January 1-6

- Sephiroth uses the Black Materia to summon
Meteor and raises a barrier around the Northern Crater.

- Cloud falls into the Lifestream.

- Cloud is summoned to Ivalice by Ramza Beoulve and joins him in his struggle.

- Cloud is thrown out of the Lifestream and washes up on a shore near Mideel.

- After the Highwind reaches Junon, the crew helps Cid and the rest of the party steal the airship. However, Tifa and Barret are captured and detained in Junon.

- Johnny proposes to his girlfriend.

- At some point during the Meteor Crisis, Yuri from Wutai goes to Midgar to look for a Materia that can cure his ill mother. He stays there until Meteorfall.

- Due to Meteor approching, the café Evan is working at closes and he loses his job. Evan decides to stay in his home in Sector 6.

January 7

- Seven days after the events in the
Northern Crater, Tifa wakes up in the
evening. She and Barret are then to be
executed, but Sapphire WEAPON appears
and attacks Junon. In the confusion,
Tifa and Barret manage to escape on
the Highwind with the help of their
friends. Sapphire WEAPON is destroyed
by the Mako Cannon.

January 8

- The party looks for clues regarding Cloud's whereabouts.

January 9

- Tifa and the others find Cloud suffering from
Mako poisoning in a hospital in Mideel, where
he washed up a week before. Tifa decides to
stay by his side and Cid is made the new leader
of the party. Cait Sith then informs the party
of Shinra's plan to use the Huge Materia to
destroy Meteor. The party decides to prevent
Shinra from getting hold of the Huge Materia.

- Cid, Barret and the others go to the Corel Mako
Reactor to stop the Shinra forces to collect
the Huge Materia. In the ensuing struggle,
the coal train the Shinra were using to
transport the Materia goes out of control.
Cid saves the day, the party retrieves the
Huge Materia and North Corel is spared from
destruction. They then spend the night at
the inn in North Corel.

January 10

- The party travels to Fort Condor and helps the villagers
protecting the condor nest fight off the Shinra forces.
The condor egg then hatches, though the old condor dies.
In return for their help, the grateful villagers give
them the Huge Materia from the reactor. The party then
decides to wait before going after the Huge Materia in
the Underwater Reactor in Junon and visit Tifa and
Cloud in Mideel first.

- While Cid and the others visit Tifa and Cloud in Mideel,
the Lifestream suddenly begins to erupt to the surface.
During the earthquakes, Ultima Weapon appears, but is
driven off by the party. Afterwards, the earthquakes
start up again and everyone attempts to evacuate.
Tifa and the wheelchair-bound Cloud are caught up
in the eruptions and fall into the Lifestream.

- In the Lifestream, Cloud and Tifa look for Cloud's real
self through their memories. After Cloud finally returns
to his own self, they re-emerge from the Lifestream in

January 11

- Cloud explains the truth about himself to the rest of the party. They then head to the Junon Underwater Reactor for the next of the Huge Materia. They successfully infiltrate the reactor, but Reno hinders them and the Huge Materia is transported away in a submarine. Cloud and the others pursue it in a hijacked submarine and sink the submarine carrying the Huge Materia. Afterwards, they learn that another Huge Materia is to be transported from the Junon airport and hurry there, though they are too late. The party then retrieves the Huge Materia from the sunken submarine and heads to Rocket Town for the last of the Huge Materia. When the party arrives in Rocket Town, they find that Shinra is preparing to launch the old rocket. They fight their way inside of it, encountering Rude along the way, but find
themselves trapped as Palmer activates the
Auto-Pilot and launches the rocket. The party
then heads to the rocket's escape pod, collecting
the remaining Huge Materia along the way. On their
way to the escape pod, Oxygen Tank Number 8 explodes
and Cid is trapped under the debris. Shera appears
and helps free him and they then use the escape pod
to take off from the rocket before it hits Meteor.

January 12

- Cloud and the others decide to go to Cosmo
Canyon and ask Bugenhagen for advice.
After talking to him, they come to the
conclusion that they all should visit the
City of the Ancients. They also decide to leave the
Huge Materia in Bugenhagen's observatory.
In the City of the Ancients they learn
about Holy, but find that they need a "key"
to know more and Cloud and the party leave
in search of it.

Sometime during the Meteor Crisis

- The party stumbles upon the crystal cave where
Lucrecia is sealed and Vincent meets her again.

January 13

- Having found the Key to Ancients and once
again back in the City of the Ancients they
learn that Aerith's prayer has reached the
Planet, but realize that Sephiroth is in the
way of Holy. As they leave, Cait Sith informs
them that the Mako Cannon from Junon has been
transported to Midgar and that Diamond
Weapon has emerged from the sea close to
the city.

- The party travels towards Midgar on the Highwind and engages Diamond WEAPON along the way. After fighting it for a while, Cait Sith tells them that something is coming and they retreat. Shortly afterwards (in the evening, though the sun has already set in Midgar), Sister Ray is fired and Diamond WEAPON is destroyed, though the WEAPON's last volley hits Midgar and destroys the Presidential Office. Rufus manages to escape through the hidden escape route, but is presumed dead. The barrier erected by Sephiroth around the Northern Crater is shattered by Sister Ray's blast. As Cloud and the others prepare to face Sephiroth, it is discovered that Hojo is manipulating
Sister Ray and is threatening to blow up Midgar and
they head back to stop him. The party parachutes
into Midgar and infiltrates the Plate Underground
and head towards the cannon. On the way they encounter
Heidegger and Scarlet, who are caught up in the
explosion of Proud Clod after their battle against
the party. Vincent then faces Hojo, who has
experimented on himself with Jenova cells,
at Sister Ray's control platform. He transforms
into Chaos and defeats the mad scientist.
Before returning to the Highwind, the party
helps evacuate the citizens of Midgar.

- Tseng returns and is reunited with Reno,
Rude and Elena (who hugs him). The Turks
begin searching for the missing President
and Reno and Rude eventually find him in
the secret escape route room at the bottom
of the Shinra Building. The Turks, avoiding
Tifa and Yuffie, have Rufus transported to
a local hospital by a rescue team. Rufus is
later brought to a house in Kalm by the Turks.
The Turks continue to help with the evacuation
of Midgar, eventually with the aid of Verdot
and the renegade Turks.

- Meanwhile, Vincent discovers that Hojo still might
be alive and rushes to the control platform.
Before he is able to reaffirm the scientist's death,
an explosion occurs. As Vincent is forced to escape
from the platform, he notices that Hojo's body is gone.

- Hojo fragments the last parts of his mind across the
World Wide Network and forms his plan to awaken Omega.

January 14

- The party splits up and everyone goes their own
way to ponder their reasons to fight. Cloud and
Tifa remain with the Highwind and spend the night

January 15

- Cloud and Tifa wake up and are surprised when
they discover that everyone else has returned.
They all then set out once again.

January 15-20

- Bugenhagen passes away in Cosmo Canyon
after saying farewell to Nanaki.

- The remaining WEAPON are defeated by the party.

January 21, The Chosen Day

- Cloud and the others descend into the Northern Crater and face Sephiroth. They defeat him. Afterwards, they escape from the crater on the Highwind and witness the struggle between Holy and Meteor, which the Planet finally decides by having the Lifestream emerge from the earth to stop Meteor.

- Sephiroth, from within the Lifestream,
begins spreading Geostigma, which
immediately kills many of its first

January 22

- Ruvie dies of Geostigma in the morning in
her home in Sector 5 on the Midgar Plate.
Denzel then meets Gaskin, who helps bury Ruvie.
After following the train tracks circling down
the Central Complex, Denzel ends up becoming a
part of the Sector Seven Scavengers group.

- After having spoken to Rufus in Kalm
in the morning, the Turks are given the
mission to collect information and gather
friends in Midgar.

- The party visits Aerith's lake in the Forgotten City
before going their separate ways. It is decided that all
their Materia belongs to Yuffie, but that Cloud will keep
custody of all but some of the curative ones.

- The four Turks travel back to Midgar by foot and
assess the situation. While they are gone, Rufus
is abducted by Mutten Kylegate, a lieutenant of
the Shinra Army, and imprisoned in his mansion
in Kalm. He remains in captivity for approximately
two weeks. When the Turks return later that day,
Rufus is nowhere to be found. The Turks begin to
investigate his whereabouts.

January 28

- After having waited for seven more days for his
mother to contact him, Evan leavs Midgar at
night for the slums.

The days following The Chosen Day

- Cloud, Tifa and Barret visit Corel, Nibelheim
and then travel to Kalm to pick up Marlene from
Elmyra, who is living there with some relatives.
They then go to Midgar and begin helping the
people there.

- Cid returns to Rocket Town and begins to construct
a new airship with Shera, who has Geostigma,
and the other mechanics. They also start
searching for oil to use as an alternate
power source.

- After returning home to Cosmo Canyon and visiting Seto,
Nanaki decides to go on a journey to see the world.
As he is about to leave the Canyon, a strange dark
fear awakens inside him. This feeling will continue
to haunt him for a long time.

- Yuffie arrives back in Wutai early one morning and finds that the Lifestream has damaged many buildings and that several people have been wounded. Using the curative Materia she brought with her, she sets up a temporary hospital and begins treating the injured. Exhausted, she takes a break for the night. She is awakened by the sound of Godo shutting her up inside of the temporary hospital. Geostigma has appeared among the people of Wutai and Yuffie is blamed for having brought it from Midgar. Yuffie's childhood friend Yuri, whose mother has been struck with Geostigma, helps Yuffie escape in the morning and they go looking for a Materia that might cure the disease in the Materia caves to the south of the village. After fighting a monster in the Materia Caves, Yuffie and Yuri encounter a strange black liquid with an evil presence. Though they flee from it, Yuri is struck with Geostigma. While trying to get Yuri back to Wutai, Yuffie encounters Nanaki, who helps her carry the sick boy. They return to Wutai two days after they set out to look for Materia and find that a quarantine shelter has been set up for the Geostigma victims. Yuffie spends the next two weeks taking care of the ill.
During this time, she makes Nanaki go
look for information regarding the
mysterious new disease.

- As Nanaki is travelling towards Midgar to ask
Cloud and Tifa for information regarding Geostigma,
he witnesses the death of a Nibel Bear mother and
ends up becoming the adoptive parent of her two cubs.
He names them Pazu and Rin and stays in the forest to
raise them.

- During the roughly two weeks Rufus is imprisoned,
Kylegate uses the information given to him to
begin building the city of Edge according to
Rufus's plans. At Kylegate's command, remnants
of the Shinra Army occupy the Shinra Building
and volunteers gather supplies and tools from the
Shinra warehouses located in the different sectors.
The Turks take note of this and take steps such as
changing the passkeys to the warehouses.
With Verdot's help, they realize that Kylegate
might be keeping Rufus prisoner and go to investigate
his mansion in Kalm. Just before they arrive, Kylegate
has a falling out with one of his underlings and is
killed and his mansion is set on fire. Rufus is cornered
by Kilmister, one of Hojo's former staff, who drugs him
and then transports him, along with several Geostigma
victims, to a coastal cave somewhere near Kalm.
The Turks hear of Rufus's abduction from Kylegate's
mansion and continue to look for him. In the cave,
Kilmister begins his research on Geostigma.

- Verdot meets with Reeve in Junon.

At some point

- Weiss and the other Tsviets in Deepground
begin their rebellion against the Restrictors.

[ ν ] - εγλ 0008 - 0009 (up until Advent Children)

- Vincent wanders the lands and keeps little contact with his friends.

- Reeve founds the World Regenesis Organization.

- Cloud, Tifa and Barret decide to open a bar in Edge. At Marlene's suggestion, the bar is named 7th Heaven. The new 7th Heaven opens some months after the first one was destroyed. A week later, Barret leaves on a journey to settle his past, entrusting Marlene to Cloud and Tifa.

- Inspired by Tifa's reopening of the 7th Heaven, Johnny decides to open a bar of his own on the outskirts of Edge. He names it Johnny's Heaven and keeps it open six days a week.

- After leaving Marlene with Cloud and Tifa in 7th Heaven, Barret travels the world for half
a year. During his journey, he decides that he wants
a new prosthetic right arm and visits the artisan
Sakaki in Junon who helped him with his old one.
While waiting for the work to be completed, he
helps Sakaki's nephew pick up vegetables from a
nearby village. While visiting the village,
Barret witnesses a young girl die of Geostigma
and, while talking to the girl's father,
realizes how much transportation like an
airship could help everyone. He then goes
to Rocket Town and meets Cid and Shera,
who are working on their new, oil-driven
airship. After talking to them, Barret
decides to search for oil-fields.

- Several months after the opening of 7th Heaven in Edge,
Cloud trades a lifetime voucher for eating and drinking
for free at the bar for Fenrir. He then takes up the
Strife Delivery Service as his full-time job.

- Yuffie spends a year alternating between taking
care of the Geostigma victims in Wutai for two
weeks and searching for a cure for two weeks.
During this time, Yuri's mother dies. Yuffie
and Yuri also see the connection between feelings
of despair and fear of dying and Geostigma, so
Yuffie tries to keep her patients' hopes up by
teaching them martial arts. After almost another
year, while on her way to Corel, Yuffie
encounters the Shera and meets Cid and Nanaki again.
She and Nanaki then head to the Materia caves in
the north.

- Nanaki spends nearly two years taking care of
Pazu and Rin in the forests near Nibelheim.
During this time, Nanaki realizes that the
dark feeling he has been experiencing is the
fear of losing those dear to him. His time
together with the bears ends shortly after
Nanaki sees Elena come into the forest with
some hunters, looking for _Nibel Bear tails_.
After an incident with the hunters, in which
Pazu and Rin accidentally wound Nanaki, the
two bears go to the hunters' camp at night
to drive them away. They are killed by the
hunters and Nanaki, unable to control himself,
attacks them in their huts. Vincent, who
followed the Turks, appears and shoots Nanaki
to prevent him from killing any of the hunters.
Vincent transforms, scaring away the hunters,
and then takes care of the wounded Nanaki.
When Nanaki wakes up, he and Vincent talk
before parting ways again. Nanaki then travels
to Rocket Town, where Cid is almost finished
with his new airship. He stays and goes on the
first test flight, during which he meets Yuffie
again. He ends up helping her search the Materia
caves in the snowy north. After they split up,
he continues his journey _throughout_ the world.
Nanaki eventually meets Vincent again in the
Forgotten City and they talk. Vincent helps
Nanaki overcome the dark fear he has carried
for so long and they promise to meet once
every year in Midgar so that Vincent, being
immortal, can listen to Nanaki's stories.

- About half a year after Rufus is brought to
Kilmister's secret hideout, a flood occurs
in the cave while Kilmister is away to negotiate
with the Turks. As Rufus tries to save himself
and the Geostigma victims being held there,
he is given Geostigma by Sephiroth's spirit.
When Kilmister comes back and lets them out
of the flooded cave, the doctor shoots one of
the two remaining Geostigma victims, a woman
called Pamela. Before the other one, a man
called Judd, manages to strangle Kilmister,
the Turks arrive.
Rufus and the Turks, along with Kilmister, Judd and many other Geostigma victims, thereafter take up residence in a former Shinra mountain resort (later known as Healen Lodge). Kilmister continues his research on Geostigma and Rufus and the Turks work on rebuilding the Shinra Company. During this time, Rufus orders the Meteor Monument to be built in the middle of Edge's central square. Eventually, Elena has to go looking for Nibel Bear tails in order to make the medicine used to supress the pain of Geostigma.

- About a year after Denzel meets him, Gaskin dies and the Triple S quickly falls apart as its members begin to move to Edge.

[ ν ] - εγλ 0009

May 5, 22:16

- Tifa tries to call Cloud, but he does not answer.

May 15, 13:21

- Tifa tries to call Cloud, but he does not answer.

May 21, 18:21

- Tifa tries to call Cloud, but he does not answer.

May 26, 12:12

- Tifa tries to call Cloud, but he does not answer.

June 2, Wed, 09:42

- Tifa tries to call Cloud, but he does not answer.

June 6, Sun, 21:17

- Tifa tries to call Cloud, but he does not answer.

June 14, Mon, 15:04

- Tifa tries to call Cloud, but he does not answer.

June 18, Fri, 08:56

- Tifa tries to call Cloud, but he does not answer.

June 24, Thu, 18:22

- Tifa tries to call Cloud, but he does not answer.

June 25, Fri, 18:00

- This year's rendition of LOVELESS premiers.

June 29, Tue

- Denzel and Rick wake up and find that they
are all that remains of the Triple S and
that nearly all their money is gone. While
talking about moving to Edge, Denzel
accidentally angers Rick and they split up.


- Tifa tries to call Cloud, but he does not answer.

Ca. 14:24

- While Denzel wanders the ruins of the Slums, hunting for rats with an improvised spear, he finds Cloud's bike outside of Aerith's church. He uses Cloud's phone, first to call his old, disconnected home number, but then calls 7th Heaven. While talking to Tifa, Denzel suffers a Geostigma attack and collapses. Cloud arrives at that moment and brings him back to the bar, where Denzel becomes a part of the family living there.

Not long before AC

About two years after Meteorfall, Rufus and Kilmister have a talk regarding the latter's research. He reveals to Rufus that he has found a connection between Sephiroth and Geostigma, though he has been unable to find a cure and does not think that one can be found. He then asks Rufus to look for the remains of Jenova and talks about his plans for an experiment, which were once rejected by Hojo, that he believes could surpass even Sephiroth. The next day, Kilmister is found shot to death. The culprit is Judd who, though he does not say so directly, was given a gun by Rufus. Rufus then orders the Turks to locate and secure the remains of Jenova, so that it will not fall into the wrong hands.

- Cloud contracts Geostigma and leaves 7th Heaven to live in the church.

- Children in Wutai go missing mysteriously, Yuffie investigates.

- Barret finds a large oil-field.

13 days before the first day of AC

- The Turks descend into the Northern Crater and find Jenova's head.
As Tseng and Elena retrieve it, Kadaj, Loz and Yazoo appear and
attack them. Though Reno and Rude are able to fly away with the
box containing Jenova's head, Elena and Tseng are captured by
Sephiroth's trio. Tseng and Elena are later brought to the
Forgotten City, where Vincent finds them and does his best to
help them.

The first day of AC, 11:22

- Reno calls the Strife Delivery Service office in
7th Heaven and Tifa answers. Tifa then calls
Cloud and tells him that Reno has a job for
him and that he is waiting in Healen.

Ca. 12:00

- Shortly after listening to Tifa's message,
Cloud is attacked by the trio. After the
short battle, he heads to Healen.

Ca. 15:00

- Tifa and Marlene visit Aerith's church and
find that Cloud has been living there.

Ca. 15:30

- Cloud arrives at Healen and talks to Rufus,
who offers him work as their bodyguard
against Kadaj, Loz and Yazoo.
Cloud refuses and leaves.

Ca. 15:50

- Loz comes to Aerith's church and he and Tifa fight.
Tifa is knocked unconscious and Marlene, along
with Yuffie's Materia, is taken away.


- Kadaj appears at Healen, fights Reno and Rude,
and talks to Rufus.

- Yazoo gathers up children with Geostigma in
Edge and takes them to the Forgotten City.

Ca. 16:30

- Cloud visits Zack's grave at the outskirts of Midgar.

Ca. 17:00

- Cloud finds Tifa in Aerith's church, but loses
consciousness due to a Geostigma attack.
Reno and Rude arrive at the scene and
carry them both back to 7th Heaven.

Ca. 17:30

- Cloud wakes up in Marlene and Denzel's room in 7th Heaven,
where Reno and Rude explain that the children are gone.
Later, after nightfall, Tifa also awakens and the two
Turks return to report that they've found where the
trio has taken the children.

Ca. 20:00

- Kadaj holds his speech to the children by Aerith's lake in the Forgotten City.

Ca. 21:30

- Cloud confronts Kadaj, Loz and Yazoo in the woods near the Forgotten City. The fight goes badly for Cloud and Vincent appears and spirits him away.

The second day of AC, ca. 03:30

- Vincent and Cloud talk by a lake near the Forgotten City. Marlene, who has escaped from the trio, finally finds them. After talking some more, Cloud and Marlene depart.

Ca. 11:00

- Loz and Yazoo are standing by the Meteor Monument in Edge, surrounded by a crowd of upset citizens. They summon the Shadow
Creepers to keep the crowd at bay.
Reno and Rude then appear and confront the two.

- Kadaj and Rufus ascend a nearby building and talk.

- Tifa appears at the square and finds Denzel.

- Cloud and Marlene arrive at 7th Heaven.
Marlene stays behind while Cloud heads
towards the square.

- Kadaj summons Bahamut Shin, who destroys
the Meteor Monument.

Ca. 14:00

- The rest of the party arrive at the square in
Edge and the fight against Bahamut Shin begins.
Cloud too eventually arrives and joins the battle.
Denzel returns to the bar.

- Reno and Rude's fight with Loz and Yazoo continues.

Ca. 16:00

- Bahamut Shin is defeated.

- Rufus reveals that he has been carrying the box
with Jenova's head the whole time and throws
it off the edge of the building. As Rufus falls
after it, Tseng and Elena appear and save him.
The struggle between Kadaj, Loz and Yazoo and
Cloud over Jenova's head begins.

During the chase

- The miraculous spring in Aerith's church
bursts forth and Cloud's Geostigma is cured.

Ca. 18:00

- Cloud finally defeats and corners Kadaj in the ruins of Midgar. With Jenova's head, Sephiroth uses Kadaj to materialize and his and Cloud's fight around the Shinra Building takes place. The fight ends when the severely wounded Cloud defeats Sephiroth with a final burst of strength. Sephiroth disappears, leaving the dissolving Kadaj behind. After Kadaj is gone, the dissolving Loz and Yazoo appear and shoot Cloud.

- The rain which falls over Edge after the defeat of Sephiroth cures the Geostigma of many. People begin to gather at the church in the Midgar Slums.

The third day of AC, ca. 07:00

- Cloud wakes up in Aerith's church. The miraculous spring cures the Geostigma victims.

Sometime after AC

- Buster Sword is polished off and placed by
the spring in Aerith's church and flowers
grow on the hill outisde of Midgar where
Zack died.

- During a day of deliveries, Cloud receives
a number of phone calls from his old friends.
As he stops by where Barret is, he receives
a couple of gifts for Marlene and Denzel,
as well as a "Closed for Business" sign
from Yuffie. He then decides to take the
following day off.

At some point before DC

- As the World Wide Network is restored,
Hojo's fragmented mind data reforms.
He then comes in contact with the
Tsviets and makes a deal with Nero
and Weiss. Shelke is ordered to find
and upload the fragments of Lucrecia's
memories spread around the network.

[ ν ] - εγλ 0010

Some time before DC

- Boco the river chocobo is born and hatched.

- About 1200 people are abducted from Junon by Deepground.

3 weeks before DoC

- A TV crew and an investigation team of 38 go missing while
investigating what is actually the Shinra Building entrance
to Deepground.

Shortly before DC, Wed, 14:34

- Vincent receives a message from Reeve where
he is asked to come to Kalm to talk.

DC begins on an unknown date at 18:36

- While Vincent is in Kalm, waiting to meet Reeve, Deepground Soldiers attack during the ongoing Revival Festival. Vincent heads out into the town and does his best to protect the people.

- Meanwhile, Shelke confirms Vincent's presence in Kalm.

- Vincent meets Shelke and Azul. After Shelke suddenly collapses, they both withdraw. Vincent then meets Reeve, who turns out to be a Cait Sith in disguise, and then helps the WRO drive away the Deepground forces. After calm is restored, he meets Reeve, who tells
him that Edge is under attack.
They head there in a WRO Shadowfox.

- Meanwhile, the WRO forces in Edge are
annihilated by the Deepground Soldiers
led by Rosso and Nero.

- While Reeve and Vincent are talking on
their way to Edge, they are interrupted
by Weiss's transmission. Afterwards,
they are attacked by a large pack of
Guard Hounds and the Shadowfox crashes
during the course of the battle.
Vincent continues towards Edge on foot.

- Shortly after arriving at Edge, Vincent meets
Shalua, who sets off on her own. Vincent then
proceeds through the deserted city and eventually
faces Rosso. After a short fight, Vincent
transforms into Chaos and Rosso is blown away.
After transforming back, Vincent collapses
and is brought to the WRO Headquarters by

- Vincent wakes up in the WRO headquarters
and is greeted by Shalua, who talks to
him about Chaos and Lucrecia's research.
Reeve then comes to meet them. Soon afterwards,
Deepground attacks the WRO Headquarters.
During the battle, Shalua confronts her younger
sister Shelke, though Shelke claims to care
nothing for her past life. Vincent then fights
Shelke and knocks her unconscious. He also faces
and defeats Azul, whose body remains in the
WRO Headquarters. Vincent then decides to go to
Nibelheim and Reeve sends out Cait Sith to
further investigate Deepground.

- While riding a helicopter on his way to Nibelheim, Vincent's journey is interrupted by Deepground forces. After the helicopter is destroyed, Vincent has to continue to Junon on foot in order to catch a ship to Costa Del Sol. In Junon he encounters more Deepground Soldiers, led by Rosso, but manages to get on a ship. On its way across the ocean, the ship is attacked and begins to sink. Curious about Vincent's power, Nero unleashes a Black Widow from within his darkness that battles Vincent. As the black widow is destroyed, the ship sinks into the ocean together with Vincent. Cait Sith no. 3 appears in a submarine and brings him the rest of the way to Costa Del Sol, where Vincent takes a helicopter to Nibelheim.

- Meanwhile, Cait Sith infiltrates Deepground
and witnesses Omega. Nero appears and cuts
his investigation short

- After making his way through the sewers
running from the Nibelheim Mako Reactor
to the basement of Shinra Manor, Vincent
finds a recording left behind by Lucrecia
where she explains about Omega. Vincent
then searches the Manor for the remains
of the Omega Reports, but is confronted
by Rosso. After fighting a Black Widow
she has set up, Vincent is surprised by
Rosso who tears the Protomateria from his
chest. As Rosso is about to kill him,
Yuffie appears, saves Vincent and carries
him away.

- Vincent wakes up in a WRO Shadowfox and is
greeted by Yuffie. Reeve then contacts
them and they discuss the situation.

- In the WRO Headquarters, Shelke and Shalua
have some time to talk after being
separated for ten years. At the same
time, Azul wakes up and Deepground
launches another assault on the

- Vincent and Yuffie's journey is stopped
by a group of Custom Sweepers and Yuffie
is knocked unconscious as the Shadowfox
crashes. Vincent then proceeds alone to
the Headquarters and fights his way inside.
There he encounters Azul, who has transformed
into his beast form, and meets Shalua and
Shelke again. Azul reveals to Shelke that
she is no longer necessary and that her
elimination has been ordered. As he is
about to attack all three of them,
Shalua sacrifices herself to allow
Vincent to bring Shelke to safety.
After Deepground has left, Shalua is
discovered to still show signs of life,
though it is uncertain if she can ever
recover or even wake up. Vincent and Reeve
talk about the Omega Report that Vincent
recovered from Shinra Manor and Shelke
reveals that fragments of Lucrecia's
memory data have been uploaded into her
mind. Cid then arrrives with the WRO
airship fleet and Vincent, Yuffie,
Reeve and Shelke depart for the final
battle against Deepground in Midgar.

- On the way to Midgar, Shelke uses the
parts of the Omega Report gathered by
Vincent together with her data to explain
the situation with Omega more fully.

- Upon reaching Midgar, the WRO forces launch a simultaneous assault on land, led by Cloud, Tifa and Barret, and from the air. Vincent drops into Midgar from the Shera and lands in the Sector 7 Slums Train Graveyard. Guided by Shelke, he makes his way to the Central Complex. There he encounters Rosso and they fight, a battle which ends in Rosso's defeat and she decides to end her own life. Vincent then proceeds down through the secret entrance in the Shinra Building to Deepground.

- Meanwhile, Nero infiltrates the Shera and destroys the engine room. Shelke confronts him, but is caught inside his darkness.

- As Vincent continues downwards to Deepground he encounters Azul. At the end of their battle, Vincent transforms into Chaos and kills him. Vincent then reaches the gates to Deepground and goes inside. As Vincent traverses the ruined town surrounding Mako Reactor 0 he is caught in Nero's darkness, but it cannot hold him for long. Just outside the reactor entrance, Vincent meets Nero. After a short fight, Nero once more engulfs Vincent in his darkness. Inside, Vincent finds Shelke and
rescues her. Back outside, they once
more face Nero, who prepares another
attack. However, Yuffie appears and
scares him away. After leaving Shelke
to recuperate in a Mako tube, Vincent
and Yuffie continue on into the reactor.

- Vincent and Yuffie finally reach the core of
Mako Reactor 0, where they find Weiss on his
throne. Nero appears and, when Vincent and
Yuffie turn to attack Weiss as he is fusing
with Omega, engulfs them in his darkness.
Vincent brings Yuffie out of the darkness
and then fights Nero. After the battle,
the awakened Weiss kills Nero. He then
turns to Vincent and reveals that he is
actually Hojo, who has possessed Weiss.
Hojo elaborates on his plan and then fights
Vincent, defeating him easily. Struggling
with Chaos's power, Vincent is encouraged
by Lucrecia, through Shelke, and stabilizes.
He then defeats Hojo. Nero, though bodiless,
reappears and awakens the true Weiss. Weiss
then merges with Omega, abandoning Hojo.

- As Omega forms above Midgar, Vincent transforms into Chaos. Without the Protomateria, he is unable to control himself. In Deepground, Shelke performs a SND into Omega, where she is given the Protomateria by Lucrecia, she then returns it to Chaos's chest. After regaining control, Chaos descends into Deepground and brings Shelke back to the surface.

- With the help of the others, who destroy the Midgar Mako Reactors, Chaos is able to enter Omega. There he faces and defeats Weiss, who has merged with it. Even though Omega is crumbling, it attempts to fly away, but is stopped by Chaos. After Chaos and Omega return to the Planet, Vincent is nowhere to be found.

Sometime soon after DoC
(while the moon is still full)

- Genesis awakens from his sleep beneath Midgar and carries away the apparently lifeless Weiss, stating that "It is not yet time for slumber.".

A week after Omega's ascension

- As Vincent's friends are out looking for him, Shelke sends a message to his phone while in 7th Heaven.

Slightly more than a week after Omega's ascension...

- Vincent is found in Lucrecia's cave.

[ ν ] - εγλ 0011 (before Denzel turns 11)

- Denzel meets Reeve at Johnny's Heaven for
an interview to join WRO. They spend the
day talking about Denzel's past. In the end,
Reeve decides that children are not to join.

[ ν ] - εγλ 0507, 500 years after FFVII

- Nanaki visits the overgrown ruins of Midgar with his two sons.

[ ϖ ] - εγλ 2000, December 30 (ca. 23992 years and 339 days after FFVII)?

- The end of the world? Or perhaps the beginning of a whole new era?